Ive been fishing for more years than i dare to remember, i started like most of us back in the day pleasure fishing for silver fish, progressing to match fishing, specimen fishing and eventually to the love of my life “Carp Fishing”

Ive created this website to SHARE with YOU all the knowledge i have gained through countless hours in pursuit of our illustrious quarry, all the tricks, tips & all those little edges that have kept me and a few friends one step ahead of “Mr Carp”.

You will also be able to purchase a few select products including my #blackchicken T-Shirts that help to fund the site that will help YOU in your fishing.

There are Blogs, Videos and Articles to entertain, gain knowledge from and above all for you to enjoy…

If you take something away from the site, learn to fish more effectively or something you see or read helps you to put more fish on the bank then it makes it all worthwhile for me.

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So sit back, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the site…

Leon Bartropp Carper